bw A native of Philadelphia, Brother John joined the Taizé Community in 1974. He spends much of his time in Taizé, France, giving Bible introductions to the young adults who come there for week-long meetings. In the 1980’s he was part of a small group of Taizé brothers living in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan, and he has continued to travel throughout the United States for meetings and retreats. His several writings on Scripture and Spirituality have been translated into over ten languages and include The Pilgrim God: A Biblical Journey (Washington: The Pastoral Press, 1985 / Dublin: Veritas, 1990), The Way of the Lord: A New Testament Pilgrimage (The Pastoral Press / Veritas, 1990), Praying the Our Father Today (The Pastoral Press, 1992), and God of the Unexpected (London: Geoffrey Chapman / Mowbray, 1995).